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{THE UNLEARNING SERIES} The Evil Behind Your Love & Light Series

The Evil Behind Your Love & Light is an 8 Week Masterclass Series of Candid Conversations with our diverse, Sacred Council of Teachers, Healers and Leaders on How to Create an Uncompromising Anti-racism Action Plan for New Age Spirituality and Women's Empowerment Spaces

This Masterclass Series includes:
8 Candid video interviews with a diverse group of experts who I've affectionately named the "Sacred Counsel."

During these conversational interviews, we cover the following topics:

Reclaiming Reverence for the Original Goddess

Part 1: The Truth about the Original Goddess
Part 2: The Appropriation of BIPOC Rituals,Terms & Spiritual Practices | Yeye Luisah Teish, Dr. Frantonia Pollins

How the Sacred Became Profane

Part 1: The Historical Presence of BIPOC in “New Age” Spirituality
Part 2: The Absence of Color in “New Age” Spirituality Dr. Darnise Martin, Dr. Frantonia Pollins

Your Wellness is Making Us Sick

Part 1: The Secret Sickness in the Wellness Community
Part 2: Mindfulness, Meditation & Marginalization
Chrissy King, : Nzingah Oniwosan, Dr. Frantonia Pollins

White Washed Women’s Empowerment

Part 1: White Washed Women’s Empowerment
Part 2: The Danger of Women’s Leadership Without BIPOC
Sonali Fiske, Ache’ Lytle, Dr. Frantonia

Bad Business in the Name of Doing Good

Part 1: Race, Class & Corruption in the Conscious Entrepreneurship Space

Part 2: The Business of Weaponizing Ancient Wisdom (Toxic Positivity and Spiritual Bypassing)
Rebekah Borucki, Trudi Lebron, Dr. Frantonia Pollins

The Righteous Path Forward

Part 1: Why Decolonial Healing Matters
Part 2: Transformed to Lead: Why Leaders Must Do the Inner Work BEFORE Transforming the Outer World
Dr. Rocío Rosales Meza, Dr. Frantonia Pollins

And many more.

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