Attention Coaches & Service Providers: Whether you’re scared to make money or scared you won’t,

it’s time to release your financial fears and become a confident and cashflow-positive CEO!

Now Is the Time to Overcome Your

Financial Fears So You Can Start

Making the Income You Deserve!

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In this 6 Week, step-by-step course, you’ll learn to kick the money shame in your brain to the curb and get rid of negative financial habits holding you back, so you can finally make mental, emotional and physical space for money to find its way into your wallet (where it should be) and operate your business and life like a cash-confident CEO.

You’ll learn how to:

✓ Get real about what’s holding you back financially so you can stop avoiding the problem and start tackling it head-on

✓ Practically adjust not just your behaviors, but your beliefs about the money you earn so you start to deeply believe you deserve more

✓ Get rid of the clutter that’s blocking your abundance with tangible tools and techniques

✓ Rewire your brain to create new neural pathways to create ample wealth in every area of your life

✓ Replace bad money habits with abundance-attracting rituals to put you in control of your financial freedom and make you the boss of your brains and your books


Each lesson has a very specific format and is designed to create maximum impact

By registering for this money empowerment bootcamp, you will receive:

Deep-dive, Self-paced Training Modules

Action Assignments with Worksheets for each lesson (Downloadable PDF)

Journal Prompts (Downloadable PDF)

Access to our Private, Interactive Online Community



Get Clear on Your Fears & Define Your Desires: In this module, we cover…

  • Identifying your limiting beliefs—and how each one is positively or negatively impacting your income.
  • Being frank about your fears—and exactly why they’re so hard to shake (financial trauma is real!).
  • Dissecting each of your financial mishaps so they know where they came from–and how they’ve impacted your relationship with money.
  • The unique way money shame shows up in your business and the sneaky little ways it’s holding you back.
  • Exercises to help you face it all head-on—so you know exactly what you’re working with.

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Rewire Your Brain to Bring in the Bucks: In this module, we cover…

  • What their RAS is and exactly how it works to fill their bank account or break it-and how to wire their brain in a way that makes it work for them.
  • How to retrain their brain to get out of negative thought patterns around money–for good.
  • How to create a consistent, mindful “money mindset” practice that they’ll actually want to stick to (and actually see results from!)
  • Why and how to be gentle with themselves—forgiveness is part of the process and they’re going to go there.


Release with Ease So You Can Open Up to Receive: In this module, we cover…

  • How to declutter to open up space for abundance—it’s time to make room in their brain, bedroom, and boardroom (or home office) for money-positive things, thoughts, and habits.
  • Owning and healing their past money mistakes–and finally extending grace to themself around their green.
  • Letting go of even the worst financial experiences—even if they involved others or were totally out of their control.
  • Taking stock of their space so they know exactly what’s no longer serving them in their personal and business life–plus how to gain the courage to chuck it out for good.
  • Using Emotional Freedom Technique and hypnosis to heal deep-seated money beliefs at a subliminal level (this is how your clients get rid of beliefs that they just can’t shake, or that they don’t even know they have!)
  • What to do if they have extensive fear or need more help “getting over” their money stuff–this isn’t a one-and-done process and you’re going to reveal all the practical tools & techniques to your clients!

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Kiss Bad Money Habit Goodbye & Create New Wealth Attracting Rituals: In this module, we cover…

  • Why they need to start tracking every penny—and how to do it–if they want to feel the abundance already surrounding them.
  • A “humbling” daily practice that’ll keep them grounded and help them see (on paper!) how much their money mindset is expanding.
  • The connection between language & money–because when they speak, the universe listens, and so does their brain!
  • How to set inspiring financial goals–and smash them with more ease than they thought possible.
  • Top CEO-approved techniques for staying on top of finances—in a way that they actually look forward to (heck yes!)
  • Cultivating a healthier relationship with money—in a way that keeps it flowing into their life without a hitch.
  • Overcoming guilt around earning great money once & for all—because they really do deserve the wealth they desire.
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