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This 30 Day Personal Transformation Challenge is designed to shake you out of the complacency of your familiar comfort zone and get you re-engaged in your LIFE; so that you are prepared to intentionally and strategically create a life that empowers you to UNAPOLOGETICALLY stand in your feminine power, have the ultimate lifestyle that you truly desire AND be of service to those that you love and care for.


Each class will have a very specific format and is designed to create maximum impact

By registering for this series, you will receive:

4 pre-recorded Video Coaching Lessons (released weekly)

A Quick Action Worksheet for each lesson (Downloadable PDF)

Journal Prompts (Downloadable PDF)

Access to our Private Online Community


Module 1

Reclaim Your Power; Reclaim Your Life:
How to Stop Sabotaging Your Success and Design a Life
That Honors You and Your Divine Purpose: In module 1, we will spend some time "peeling back the pretty," so that we can take a real honest look at the beliefs, fears, and concerns that may be keeping you from experiencing the life that you truly desire.

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Module 2

Self Love FIRST!!: How to "Selfishly" Focus on YOU
and STILL Attract the Love You Truly Deserve: In module 2, we'll explore the paradox of "self-love," why it is so diffucult for women to prioritize our needs and actionable steps for an unapologetic practice of self-love.

Module 3

A Man is NOT a Plan: Non-negotialbe Steps to Create the Financial Foundation Every Woman Needs To Stop Surviving and Start Thriving: A recent study shows that most women are still handing over the important wealth building matters to the men in our lives. Module 3 explains why women must become actively involved in all things money.

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Module 4

The 5 Most Important Questions You Will Ever Ask
To Transform Your Life and Your Business: Module 4 asks us to seriously explore a few very important questions as we seek to expand our success in all areas of our lives and businesses.

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